Git Repo

MyAnimeOpeningsList (abbreviated MAOL), is a site designed for users to be able to rate songs that appear in Japanese animated shows.
The projects is based off of sites such as MyAnimeList (MAL), AniList, and Kitsu, which all allow users to create an account, and
display what shows they've watched, as well as assign them a rating for others to see on their profile.

There are a couple sites that are knock-offs of MAL, such as MyDramaList, which exists for the same purpose but for drama television shows, instead of animated ones.
My friends and I often talk about which songs we like from anime, so one of them suggested I make one of those knock-off sites specifically for anime related songs, and
that's how I started working on MAOL.

The project uses a Django backend together with a Vue frontend, along with a PostGres database.